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Effects of storage period and temperature on seed germination of selected Nigerian mahogany species

AF Adio, BO Oyeleye, JO Gbadebo, OJ Jayeoba


A 3 x 3 factorial experiment in a completely randomized design was employed to investigate the effects of three storage temperatures on germination of seeds of three Nigerian Mahogany species, namely: Khaya senegalensis, Khaya grandifoliola and Entandrophragma angolense, for a period 9 months, in order to determine the optimal temperature and length of time for storage of these seeds. Freshly processed seeds, sun-dried to moisture content of between 10-12% and stored at three temperature regimes of 28OC + 2OC, 5OC + 2OC and -17OC + 2OC were taken out at monthly intervals and sown. Data collected were subjected to Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) P< = 0.01 while mean separation was carried out using Duncan\'s Multiple Range Test. The results showed that the selected Mahoganies had better germination of 65%, 45% and 74% for Khaya senegalensis, Khaya grandifoliola and Entandrophragma angolense, respectively at storage temperature of 5OC by the fifth month of storage than at temperature of 28OC and -17OC. Percentage germination declined by the sixth month of storage at temperature of 5OC. The values at this temperature were still higher than those stored at 28OC and -17OC except for Khaya grandifoliola which retained its viability for about 5 months at –17OC. The sensitivity of the selected Mahoganies to low temperature probably indicates recalcitrant nature of the seeds.

Keywords: storage period, storage temperature, seed germination.

Moor Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 6 (1&2) 2005 pp. 30-35
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