Moor Journal of Agricultural Research

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Determinants of adoption of soil conservation practices in Oyo State, Nigeria

MAY Rahji


The study identified the soil conservation practices available to farmers in Oyo State, Nigeria. A multi stage random sampling technique was used in selecting the sample needed for the subsequent analysis. The study indicated that the level of awareness of the farmers is high for most of the practices. The farmers commonly adopt fertilizers, minimum tillage and bush fallow practices. The truncated negative binomial Count Data model was used to identify factors influencing adoption of the practices. Factors identified as determinants of their adoption of soil conservation practices include: farm size, land tenure, extension contact, household net worth, awareness, perceived benefits. These variables are significant and impact positively on adoption decision. The perceived cost of adoption has a negative significant influence on their adoption decision.

Keywords: Soil conservation practices; adoption paradigms; farmers' behaviour; Oyo State; Nigeria

Moor Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 6 (1&2) 2005 pp. 107-114
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