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Analysis of the role and level of job performance among extension agents in technology delivery in Imo State, Nigeria

CS Nwosu, RU Onyeneke, PA Onoh, EC Ekechukwu


The study analysed the role performance and job satisfaction of extension agents in technology delivery in Imo State. The multistage random sampling technique was adopted in the selection of farmers and simple random sampling for the selection of extension agents. The instruments for data collection were four sets of structured questionnaire (for farmers, extension agents, block extension supervisors, and zonal extension officers). The data obtained were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Regular and timely attendance to FNT received a very high level score on role performance of the extension agents (3.78). The regression result shows that regular payment of allowances, gender, provision of mobility, promotion, farm families covered, trainings and level of education were significantly related to the level of job performance. The extension agents perceived a highest level of satisfaction with interpersonal relationships in their establishment (4.18). The grand mean score was 3.526 indicating that these workers had an overall high level of satisfaction with their job. The study recommends that regular promotion and payment of allowances should be sustained through increased government funding of the Agricultural Development Programmes (ADP). Also, the level of in-house and external trainings of extension workers should be maintained and/or improved upon so as to enhance their productivity and job satisfaction.


Keywords: Role performance, job satisfaction, extension agents and Imo ADP

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