Author Guidelines


Papers should be of agricultural interest and include: full reports of original research not previously elsewhere, research notes which consist of brief or new findings; techniques and equipment of importance to agricultural workers; evaluations of problems and trends in agricultural production; reviews or, announcements of publications and reports of various agricultural agencies in Nigerian books and bulletins of tropical agricultural interest will be included. Papers in English or French are acceptable.


Publications in Nigerian Agricultural Journal are open to anyone engaged in agriculture in Nigeria and other countries of the world.


Manuscripts should be of reasonable length and should not exceed 15,000 words


Manuscripts should be double-spaced on one side of the paper only with all pages serially numbered. Footnotes should be designated with familiar symbols below the tables and figures where necessary. Ample margins of at least 2.5cm should be allowed at the top, bottom, left hand and right hand side of each page of the text. Title of paper should be capitalized and not exceed 25 words. Scientific names of general families, orders, etc and the initial letters of all-important words are allowed within the title of the paper. Main headings like Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods/Methodology, Results and Discussion, Conclusion and References etc, should all have all initial letters capitalized. Latin or vernacular words, scientific names and expressions, algebraic symbols, legends to tables and figures should be italicized. Chemical elements may be represented by their symbols. All stated quantities should be in figures (e.g., 3kg, 15tonnes, 81.4%). All numbers up to and including ten are generally written in words; 11 and above in figures. Unit of the System International (SI) or revised metric system is preffered: the common unit equivalent may be added in parentheses after SI units, e.g. 10m (11.96 sq yards). Each paper must be accompanied by an abstract (single line spaced) of not more than 200 words and keywords of not more than six words. Papers in French should be supplied with English abstracts.


Table should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals. Each table should be inserted after the page on which reference to it was first made. Figures including graphs, other line drawings and photographs, should be kept to a minimum and no figure should be used to represent what has already been presented in a table. Coloured photographs will be accepted at an extra cost the author. All figures should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals.


All lists of references should be presented in alphabetical order of the author’s names. The author’s name comes first; followed by year of publication (in parentheses); title of paper with initial letter of first word and proper nouns capitalized; full name of the journal in italics, volume number in Arabic numerals, journal number if any in Arabic numerals and in parentheses, colon, the first page of  paper, hyphen, last page of paper, e.g. Okoye, B. C., Abass, A., Bachwenkizi, B., Asumugha, G., Alenkhe, B., Ranaivoson, R., Randrianarivelo, R., Rabemanantsoa, N. and Ralimanana, I. (2016). Analyses of Labour Productivity among Small-holder Cassava Farmers for Food Security and Empowerment in Central Madagascar. International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development, 6(3), 309-318. 

For the citation of books, the author’s name comes first followed by year of publication in parentheses, title of book italiscized with the initial letters capitalized, edition and volume number, e.g. Bennet, M.K (1954). The World’s Food. 1st ed., New York, Harper and Brothers. Pp. 55-68

Where an author or several joint authors have published more than one article (in same year) to which references are made, letters of the alphabet should be added to each year to distinguish between them, e.g. 2017b etc


Author(s) should submit final versions of manuscripts for publication in Microsoft Word, Times New Roman 12 font size at 1.5 spacing to or a copy should be sent as e-mail attachment to the Editor-in-Chief at

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