Determinants of market participation among cocoyam farmers in Abia state, Nigeria

  • C. Kadurumba
  • N.F. Nwakor
  • T.O. Ekedo
Keywords: Cocoyam, Marketing, Participation and Abia State


This study examined the determinants of market participation intensity and  assessment of the level of participation in cocoyam marketing for selling and buying households in Abia state, Nigeria.The objectives of the study are to: determine the socio-economic characteristics of cocoyam marketers among small-holder farmers inAbia state; determine the market participation intensity; and assess the level of  participation in cocoyam marketing for selling and buying households in Abia state,   Nigeria.Primary data were used in the study. The primary data were collected from a random sample of 200 cocoyam marketers in Abia State. The respondents were  drawn from rural and urban markets in the agricultural zones of the state. The data were  analyzed using descriptive statistics, ordered probit model, probit andheckitmodel.The result shows that a large proportion of the farmers (51.5%) and marketers (72.0%) had 1-10 years‘ experience, followed by 41.0% and 21.5% of farmers and marketers having 11- 20 years‘ experience. The higher the number of years of experience, the better for the marketers to adapt to the  marketing system and have more interest in participation in the trade.Among the household  endowment (assets), farm size, total incomes, high yielding varieties used are  significant determinants of participation intensity with varied signs.It was observed that the cocoyam producers have the probability of participating in the market as sellers other than buyers. This was and directly associated with farm size, value of cocoyam, distance to the nearest town, time of leisure and high yielding varieties used. It is recommended thatland should be made available close to their residence to encourage participation since it leads to marketable surplus cocoyam in the state. It is also recommended that loan should be provided to farmers, and  awareness campaigns be intensified to popularize the benefits of the crop.

Keywords: Cocoyam, Marketing, Participation and Abia State


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