Effect of genotype on haematology and biochemical parameters of F1 local chicken in the humid tropical environment

  • R.J. Nosike
  • H.O. Ukwu
  • J.C. Ezike
  • R.A. Amaefule
  • O.F. Nwakpu
  • O.C. Obi
  • D.N. Onunkwo
  • O.M. Obike
  • B.C Chukwu
Keywords: Local chicken, genotype, hematological and biochemical parameters


Ninety-nine grower local chicken, 4 weeks of age from three different genotypes (Frizzle n = 33, Naked neck, n= 33 and Normal n = 33) were generated from 36 matured local chickens and used for the study to determine the effect of genotype on hematological and biochemical parameters of local chicken in the humid tropics. The experiment was in a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) subjected to Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). Hematological parameters determined were; Hemoglobin (HB), Packed Cell Volume (PCV), White Blood Cell (WBC), Red Blood Cell (RBC), Neutrophil, Lymphocyte, Monocyte, Basophil and Eosinophil; biochemical  parameters include; Blood Glucose(BGC) and Total Blood Protein (TBP). The result shows that the genotypes had no significant (P>0.05) effect on Hemoglobin concentration (g/ml) and RBC (x106mm3). The PCV (%) in this study ranged from 36.61± 0.60 in naked neck chicken to 40.81±0.60 in Frizzle genotype. The PCV was significantly (P<0.05) higher in the frizzle than naked neck and normal feathered chicken. WBC (x103mm3) ranged between 37.65±1.50 in Frizzle and 46.04±1.50 in naked neck genotype. However, the effect of genotype on the White Blood  Cell(x103mm3) counts of the Naked Neck was significantly (P<0.05) higher than Frizzle and Normal feathered local chicken. The values of TBP ranged (6.33 – 7.25g/dl). The BGC values ranged from  171.66 to 229.11mg/dl. Genotype of the local chicken significantly (P<0.05) affected their blood Glucose (mg/dl) level with  naked neck producing the most significantly (P<0.05) higher value. There was no significant (P>0.05) effect on their Neutrophils, Monocyte, Eosinophil and Basophil had no effect on the genotypes. However, Lymphocyte of naked neck was  significantly (P<0.05) higher than frizzle and normal feathered chicken. It was  therefore concluded that the 3 genotypes differed in their PCV and WBC at same age. BGC also differ at same age, lymphocytes and monocytes as well differ in their amount in the chicken genotypes in the humid tropics.

Keywords: Local chicken, genotype, hematological and biochemical parameters


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eISSN: 0300-368X