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Effect of epileptic power supply on the investment and performance of bakeries in Abia State, Nigeria

J.C. Onwumere, C.A. Amaghionyeodiwe, E.C. Ndukwe


The study examined the effects of Nigeria epileptic power supply on the investment and performance of bakeries in Abia State. Survey research design was adopted for the study and a total of 69 respondents were sampled through a well-structured questionnaire. Data were analyzed using both descriptive statistics such as mean, frequency tables and percentages; and inferential statistics such as multiple regression and probit regression analyses. Findings revealed increase in the trend of expenses on electricity generation among bakeries due to epileptic power supply. Epileptic electricity power, frequency of innovations, years of operation, level of education, scale of operation, amount spent on labor as wage, cost of material input, amount of saving and amount of credit obtained influenced the investment behavior of bread operator in the study area. Epileptic electricity power supply, age of the business, training in bread production, number of employees, business experience, cost of material inputs, amount of credit obtained, start-up capital and value of bread lost during production influenced the performance of the bakeries operators in the study area. Cost of petrol, start-up capital, cost of generating sets, national electricity bill, voltage supply of electricity, regular availability of national electricity supply, and revenue from the business were significant factors that influenced the choice of electricity power switch between national electric power supply and auto-generator source for bakeries. Lack of finance, high cost of equipment, high rate of tax payment and inadequate raw materials were factors that limited the investment behavior and performance of bakeries in the study area. The study therefore, recommends that National electric supply should be made to be constant as this will trigger the preference of the bakeries operators to national electric power generation rather than to depend on auto generation of electricity for their business as the smoke from the auto generators pollutes and degrades the environment faster and increases their cost of operations thereby leading to consumers spending more for these product.

Keywords: Nigerian, Epileptic, Power-supply, Investment, Performance, and Bakeries

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