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Farmer participation in root and tuber crops Technology Development and Transfer (TDT) in Benue State Nigeria

M.H. Tokula


The factors influencing farmer participation in Roots and Tuber crops Technology Development and Transfer (TDT) in Benue State were estimated. Sixty (60) extension contact farmers who participated in the TDT activities were purposively sampled from six local Government Areas where the farmer participatory trials and demonstration plots were established. The Local Government Areas include; Kwande and Ushongo from Zone A, Gboko and Buruku from Zone B, and Otukpo and Ohimini from Zone C. Data were collected with the aid of structured questionnaire and analyzed with descriptive statistics (frequency and percentage scores) and multiple regression analysis. Results revealed that majority (67%) of the respondents were males, with 53% married, and 87% full time farmers and had farming experience of 11 – 20 years (57%). Majority (60%) of the respondents had secondary school education. The major constraints to farmer participation in TDT were scarcity of improved varieties (66%), scarcity and high cost of fertilizers (80%), late release of field maintenance fee (66%) and irregular visits by extension agents with (66%) of the respondents respectively. The regression results showed that education and access to extension services were positive and significantly influenced TDT activities at 1% level. Age and household size were also positive and significantly related to participation in TDT activities at 5% level. It was concluded that education level of farmers and access to extension services had a major influence on participation in TDT. It was recommended that extension services be strengthened to facilitate effective farmer participation in TDT activities.

Keywords: Technology transfer, Development, Farmer participatory, and Demonstration

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