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Determinantes of marketing efficiency among crayfish marketers in Uruan Local Government Area, Akwaibom State, Nigeria

O.E. Okelola, A.D. Olabode, O.C. Ariyo, B.N. Korie, B.F. Olowoyo


The study analysed the determinants of crayfish marketing in Uruan Local Government Area of AkwaIbom State, Nigeria. One hundred and twenty structured questionnaires were administered on the respondents who were crayfish wholesalers and retailer marketers. The data for the study were captured using a structured questionnaire. Multiple regression analysis and cost and returns were estimated. The results of the study show that most of the respondents were females, 60% wholesalers and 71.4% retailers; their male counterparts constitute 40% wholesalers and 28.6% retailers. The range of farm size was 0.6-1.5 ha with the dominant farming experience range of 10-15years with most respondents’ literates. Linear and Cobb Douglas functional form result shows the relationship between farmers’ socio economic characteristics and their output. The results of the regression analyses also shows that the coefficients for household size and education had a direct relationship with marketing efficiency and significant at 1% level and marketing experience at 10% level. The coefficient of age had an indirect relationship with marketing efficiency and significant at 1% level. The results of the cost and returns shows that wholesalers purchase fish mainly from the producers or the agents at N180,000 per basket and sell at N317,650 while the retailers purchase from the wholesalers at 250,000 and sell at N295. Benefit cost ratio for wholesalers was N1.3 and N1.2 for retailers. This implies that for any N1 spent in crayfish marketing, the wholesalers get a value of N1.3 and retailers N1.2. The results therefore call for policies aimed at providing free and affordable education to enable farmers’ access and process information on fish marketing. There is also need to encourage the young experienced fish marketers whom are experienced to increase their supply by having access to credit facilities and other inputs for efficient marketing.

Keywords: Crayfish, marketing, wholesalers and retailers

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