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Physical, Chemical and Sensory Characteristics of Cookies Produced from Fermented Sorghum Flour Composited with Roasted Pigeon Pea Flour

O. A. Okin
A. A. Oladape
O. F. J. Awofadeju


This study assessed cookies from the blends of fermented sorghum and roasted pigeon pea flours at varying ratios of 100:0, 90:10, 80:20, 70:30 and 60:40, and 100% wheat flour served as control. The pigeon pea, sorghum, wheat flour and other ingredients were purchased from Bodija market, Oyo State Nigeria. The proximate composition of the flour blends and cookies and functional properties; and physical and sensory evaluation were determined. The proximate composition of flour blends showed that crude protein (8.65-18.94), crude fibre (1.48-2.60) and ash (2.23-3.53) % contents increased with increasing level of roasted pigeon pea flour. The water absorption capacity, bulk density and swelling capacity in the flour blends increased with increasing proportion of roasted pigeon pea flour. The cookie sample 60:40 had highest scores in moisture, protein, fat, ash and fibre, while, sample 100:0 scored lowest. The diameter in cookie sample 90:10 was highest with 81.33mm; thickness in sample 80:20 had highest value of 33.00mm and spread ratio in sample 90:10 had optimum score of 28.40; degree of lightness and yellowness had highest value in cookie sample 80:20, while, redness had highest value in sample 60:40. The overall acceptability of cookies was observed in 100% wheat flour cookie followed by sample 90:10.    

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