Plant Growth Promoting Microbes in Plant Tissue Culture

  • G. C. Nsofor
  • T. Isaiah
Keywords: Microbial plant, Enhancers, Tissue culture, Micropropagation


Plant Growth Promoting Microbes (PGPMs) are key players in major ecological processes like atmospheric nitrogen fixation, water uptake, solubilization, and transport of minerals from the soil to the plant. A broad spectrum of PGPMs has been proposed as biofertilizers, biocontrol agents and biostimulants to enhance plant growth, agricultural sustainability and food security. However, little information exists with regard to the application of PGPMs in plant tissue culture. This review therefore presents an insight into the importance of PGPMs in plant tissue culture from relevant available articles. In addition, exploiting the potential benefits of PGPMs will lead to a significant reduction in the cost production of in vitro plantlets during plant tissue culture.


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 0300-368X