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Impact of Covid-19 Pandemics Lockdown on Catfish Production of Urban Farming Households in Southwest Nigeria

I. O. Ogunwande


Covid-19 is a novel pandemic that affected all aspects of life most especially the agrarian households in charge of crop and livestock enterprises. The study was carried out to examine the impact of covid-19 lockdown on urban catfish farming households in southwest Nigeria. A total of 196 respondents was drawn using a multistage sampling technique and this was achieved through administering copies of well-structured copies of questionnaires which were administered by trained enumerators during the survey. Parametric tools such as multinomial regression, endogenous switching regression, ordinary least square multiple regression and Likert scale rating were used to identify the management system used, determine the quantity of catfish produced and constraints militating against catfish production. Results revealed that the mean age of catfish farmers, years of experience and monthly income were 47.7 years, 14.4 years and N62, 017.00 respectively. Years of farming experience and acquisition of professional training were found to increase the use of concrete ponds among urban catfish farmers while seasonal revenue increased the use of earthen ponds. It was recommended that plastic and concrete ponds should be recommended for urban catfish farmers for ease of control and seamless seasonal access coupled with a dense urban population.