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Analysis of Profitability and Socioeconomic Factors in Marketing of African Star Apple (Chrysophyllum albidum) in Maiduguri Metropolis of Borno State, Nigeria

H. Danladi
I. M. Waziri
I. N. Ghamba
S. M. Kauji


African star apple is a complex crop due to its special characteristics such as perishability, seasonality, and bulkiness that require special handling. Spoilage, damages, and losses during transportation are great for the fruit due to its juicy nature. Despite these unique attributes of the African star apple, many marketers are involved in its trading. Therefore, this study was carried out to examine the profitability and socioeconomic factors in the marketing of African star apple in Maiduguri metropolis. Multi-stage sampling technique was employed to select seventy (70) African star apple marketers comprising, twenty (20) wholesalers and fifty (50) retailers to form the sample size for the study. The specific objectives of the study were to describe the socio-economic characteristics of African star apple marketers, determine the profitability of African star apple and examine the factors influencing the marketing of African star apple in the study area. Both descriptive statistics, gross margin and ordinary least square regression were used for data analysis. Findings on socio-economic characteristics of the respondents revealed that all the wholesalers (100%) were male and the majority of the retailers (96%) were also found to be male. Most of the respondents in the study area were young people who are in their youthful ages and agile for effective marketing activities. The result further revealed that all the wholesalers (100%) were married while for retailers, 92% were also married and only 8% are single. Gross margin analysis showed that marketing of African star apple was profitable for both wholesalers and retailers with a margin of ₦500/basket and ₦2,180/basket respectively. The study further revealed that marital status, marketing experience, educational level and distance to market positively influence the marketing of African star apple while age was found to have a negative influence. It was recommended among others that marketers should form savings and loan groups among themselves for easy access to finance.