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Level of Awareness of Silkworm Rearing among Farmers in Ido Local Government Area, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

A. R. Falana
A. F. Aderounmu
A. E. Ayandokun
F. B. Adesokan
M. O. Majolagbe
F. T. Adelusi
O. O. Oke
F. Ojo-Fakuade


Silkworm is a profitable agro-based practice which many developed Countries have used to improve the livelihood of their people and increase their foreign exchange earnings. This study aimed at ascertaining the level of awareness of silkworm rearing among the farmers in Ido Local Government of Oyo State Nigeria, with the view to improve the livelihood of the farmers and inhabitants of Ido nation building. The study investigated the level of awareness of silkworm rearing by Ido farmers, assessed the level of interest in silkworm rearing by the farmers, and assessed the sources of information on silkworm rearing by the Farmers. Two-stage sampling technique was used to select 88 farmers from five farmers' associations that existed in the local government. Structured questionnaires were administered to acquire demographic information as well as information relating to their level of awareness of the practice. The data collected were subjected to descriptive analysis. The result of the study showed that 70.1% and 29.9% of the respondents are male and female respectively, with 89.7% of them married while 2.3% are single. About 17.2% have tertiary education, 44.8% have secondary education and 18.4% have only primary education. Only 1.1% are aware of exotic silkworm rearing through friends and relatives, 12.6% are aware of indigenous silkworm rearing, the information of which was passed down from old generation to new ones. The study also revealed that there is no silkworm rearing activity in the LGA as the farmers do not have silkworm farm, no factory for post-harvest processing/no market for silkworm cocoon, and because there was no knowledge of silkworm rearing, the farmers showed no interest in Silkworm rearing. The study concluded that despite the acceptability and profitability of silkworm rearing, it has not been accepted nor practiced by the people of Ido LGA. It therefore becomes imperative for government, non-governmental organization and other stakeholders to put up an awareness programme to sensitize farmers in the area of this practice as well as provide funds and enabling environment for the establishment and strive of this profitable venture.