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Comparative Studies of Two Botanical Oils and a Synthetic Insecticide on Bamboo Powder Post Beetle Dinoderus minutus Fabricius (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae)

J. A. George-Onaho
O. T. Alamu
A. E. Ayandokun
I. S. Agboola
J. A. Ete


Dinoderus minutus is a serious storage pest of bamboo in the tropics. The toxicity of Jatropha oil, Neem oil and a mixture of Neem-Jatropha oil was evaluated in comparison to a standard synthetic insecticide, Cypermethrin against D. minutus on dried bamboo blocks in storage. The results showed significantly higher mortality of D. minutus on bamboo blocks treated with Neem seed oil (88.00±8.00), Jatropha oil (78.67±3.52) and the mixture of the two (76.00±4.00) compared to Cypermethrin (44.00±2.31) and control (1.33±1.33) at 24 hours post- exposure. The feeding holes of D. minutus on the bamboo blocks in the control treatment were significantly higher compared to what was obtained in the bamboo blocks treated with Jatropha oil, Neem oil, Neem-Jatropha oils mixture and cypermethrin. There was a significantly higher weight loss of bamboo blocks in the control treatment at 21 days after exposure compared to the oil and Cypermethrin-treated bamboo blocks. Furthermore, the fumigant toxicity showed time-dependent mortality as low mortality was recorded at 1-7 days post-exposure. All treatments with the exception of the control treatment showed a fumigant effect at 21 days of exposure time. Invariably, these botanical oils performed favourably well to the standard synthetic insecticide, and could therefore be considered as an alternative to Cypermethrin in the control of D. minutus on bamboo.