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Understanding Farm Level Agricultural Innovations Adoption: Lessons Learned From Adoption of Biofortified Cassava in South West Nigeria

O. V. Ayodele


Awareness forms the basis for which information on innovations can be linked to the target beneficiaries. This study was carried out to assess the awareness and knowledge levels of farmers on biofortified cassava technology. Sources of information; extension services available on the technology and influencing factors for adopters were also duly examined. A multi-stage sampling procedure was used to select 396 respondents for the study. The study reveals respondents' low awareness of the benefits and knowledge of the technology. It further shows that special projects such as CAVA were feasible in information dissemination and the provision of planting materials. Adopters of the technology had more extension access and this reinforces the importance of extension activities in the adoption process. Awareness (relative advantage), cultivation on a small scale (divisibility), ease of cultivation (non-complexity) and ability to shade off weeds (adaptivity) ranked very high among the influencing factors of the technology and thus are to be given high priority in designing similar technologies in the nearest future.