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Production and Evaluation of Ice Cream from Nigerian Tiger-Nut Milk Extract

JI Mordi, AU Ozumba, GN Elemo


Ice cream was prepared from water-soluble extracts of the yellow variety of Nigerian tiger-nut. A modified standard method was used for the production of the tiger-nut milk ice cream. The resulting ice cream had pH of 7.10, 35%
Brix, specific gravity of 1.0888 and total solids of 45.67%. The proximate composition of the ice cream showed a crude protein content of 1.77 + 0.46%, fat 7.91 + 0.15%, carbohydrate content of 35.34 + 0.15% and a caloric value of 219.63 Kcal. These results are similar to the findings of Nawab (1991) on the quality standards for soy-ice cream. Sensory evaluation tests showed that the formulated ice cream from tiger-nut was acceptable. Microbiological examination showed that the tiger-nut ice cream was safe for consumption and an over-run of 55% was obtained in this study.

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