Effect of chicken genotype on growth performance and feed consumption in the development of broiler lines

  • SA Amusan
  • CON Ikeobi
  • AO Adebambo
  • BO Agaviezor
  • M Wheto
  • SO Durosaro
  • AS Adenaike
  • BM Ilori
  • TA Adedeji
  • O Adebambo
Keywords: Chicken, Crossbred, Feed consumption, Genotype, Growth trait, Purebred


This experiment was conducted to assess the effect of chicken genotype on the growth performance, feed intake and feed efficiency of the progenies resulting from pure, straight and reciprocal cross of Giriraja (Gr) and Alpha chickens. Data obtained on body weight, body length, breast girth, keel length, feed intake and feed efficiency were analyzed using general linear models analysis of variance. Generally, all growth traits and feed consumption characteristics were significantly affected (P < 0.05) by chicken genotype. Growth traits and feed intake increased as birds advanced in age. Giriraja X Giriraja purebred chickens had the highest body weight, breast girth, feed intake and feed conversion efficiency through out the experimental period. However, the progenies resulting from the reciprocal crosses of Alpha X Gr had significant higher body weight and keel. Also, the feed conversion efficiency of the reciprocal crosses were better than the dihybrid cross progenies. The results therefore suggest that the superiority exhibited by the Giriraja could be utilized to improve the growth performance of the indigenous chicken thereby speed up desirable progress in the improvement of the indigenous broiler line.

Key words: Chicken, Crossbred, Feed consumption, Genotype, Growth trait, Purebred


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eISSN: 0331-2062