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Performance of starting broiler chicks on sandbox (<i>Hura crepitans</i>) seed meal

E Ozeudu
BO Esonu
OO Emenalom


A 21-day feeding trial was conducted to evaluate the feeding value of raw and cooked Sand box (Hura crepitans) seed meal for broiler chickens . Sand box seeds (100kg) were divided into two batches, the first batch was milled raw undicorticated with a hammer mill to produce raw sandbox meal, the second batch was cooked for 60 minutes also undicorticated, sun dried for 48 hours and milled with a hammer mill to produce cooked sandbox meal. Five broiler starter diets were formulated to contain raw and cooked sand box seed meal at 0%, 5% and 10% dietary levels respectively. Two hundred and twenty five (225) 14-day old broiler chicks of Marshal breed were divided into five groups of forty five(45) birds each. Each group was further divided into three (3) replicates of fifteen (15) birds each and randomly assigned to the five treatment diet in a completely randomized design (CRD). Data were collected on feed intake, body weight gain and feed conversion ratio. Dietary treatments significantly (P<0.05) influenced feed intake and body weight gain but had no effect( P>0.05) on feed conversion ratio. The results of these studies suggests that sand box (Hura crepitans) seed meal could enhance the performance of broiler starter chicks at 10% (raw) and 5% (cooked) dietary levels.

Keywords: Sandbox seed meal, Broiler starter, performance

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eISSN: 0331-2062