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Performance, carcass characteristic and apparent nutrient digestibility of broiler chickens fed Palm-kernel extraction by-products

AO Fafiolu
AV Jegede
AA Teniola
ID Olarotimi
SO Odukoya
JO Alabi
OO Oduguwa


This study aimed at investigating the effect of by-products of palm kernel extraction; palm kernel extraction residue (PKER) and palm kernel sludge (PKS) based diets as replacement for maize in broiler diets. A total of 198 one-day old Marshal Broiler chickens were randomly assigned to six dietary treatments. Each dietary treatment had 33 birds with 11 birds per replicate. Maize in the diets was partly replaced by PKER and PKS each at three levels (0, 10 and 20%). The experiment was conducted in both starter and finisher phases. Growth responses, carcass evaluation and nutrient utilization were estimated. Data obtained were subjected to 2x3 factorial arrangement within the completely randomized design (CRD). Feed: Gain was influenced by the level of the palm kernel by-products during 1-28days of study. The weight gained during the 56 days period were not significantly higher (P>0.05) across the treatments All the carcass parameters measured were not significantly (P>0.05) affected by either PKER or PKS. However birds on PKER diets showed superior (P<0.05) nutrients use. In conclusion, the inclusion of palm kernel extraction by-products (between 10-20% PKER and 20% PKS) in the diets of broiler chickens is thereby encouraged for better growth and efficient feed utilization.

Keywords: Nutritive evaluation, Palm kernel, By-products, Broiler Chickens

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eISSN: 0331-2062