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The effects of instant noodles waste in diets for broiler chickens

AO Lala
AO Oso
AO Fafiolu
AM Bamgbose
D Eruvbetine
M Bemji


The effects of instant noodles waste (INW) as a replacement for maize was investigated using 144 day-old, unsexed broiler chicks of Anak strain which were randomly assigned into four dietary treatment groups of 36 birds each. Each dietary treatment group had 3 replicates of 12 broilers per replicate. These four different diets were fed, in which INW replaced maize at 0% (control), 10, 20 and 30% from day old to 8 weeks of age. The growth performance, nutrient digestibility, haematological parameters and carcass traits of the chickens were evaluated. Average final live weight ranged from 1559.44 g to 1730.91g with broilers fed control diet and 30% INW diet recording the highest and least values respectively among the treatments. Broilers fed the 30 % INW had lower (P< 0.05) live weight. Broilers fed INW based diets had higher blood profile comparable to the control. The results indicated that INW can replace up to 20% of broiler starter diet and 30% replacement of maize at the finisher phase without adverse effects on growth performance of the broilers.

Keywords: Instant noodles waste, diets, broilers chickens.

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eISSN: 0331-2062