Evaluation of brewers dried yeast protein in broiler diet

  • MC Njike
  • AS Ahmed
  • ES Haruna
Keywords: Brewers Yeast Protein Evaluation, Broilers


The value of brewers dried yeast protein (BDY) as a replacement of fishmeal in the diet for Broiler starters was investigated. In the experiment BDY replaced 0, is, SO, 75 amd 100% of the fishmeal in the diet. The average liveweight gain response to increasing levels of BDY at 6 weeks of age was 950.3g, 980.7g, 981 .8g, 9SO.Sg and 953.2g respectively, While the figures for the feed/gain ratio were 2.35, 2.28, 2.30, 32.36 and 2.39 respectively. There was no significant differences between these values. Also, the mean feed consumption data for different dietary treatment through the period showed no significant differences. This result suggests that under the conditions of this experiment BDY could replace completely all the fishmeal in the broiler starter diet without any adverse effect on the rate of gain, feed efficiency, or feed consumption of broiler chicks.

Key words: Brewers Yeast Protein Evaluation, Broilers


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eISSN: 0331-2062