Biochemical Evaluation Of Seeds Of An Under Utilized Legume (Mucuna utilis)

  • EA Iyayi
  • JI Egharevba
Keywords: Mucuna utilis seeds, chemical composition


The effect of heat treatment and germination on the proximate and mineral composition, HCN, tannins, phytk acid and the in-vitro protein digestibility of Mucuna utilis seeds were studied. The raw seeds had a
protein content of 35.4%, 7.7% crude fibre, 3.2% ether extract, 5.8% ash and 47.9% carbohydrates on a dry matter basis. The germinated and dehulled seeds had 40.5% crude protein 2.2% crude fibre, 3.4% ether extract, 7.0% ash and 47.0% carbohydrates, while the heat treated seeds had 34.4% crude protein, 11.9% crude fibre, 3.3% ether extract,
9.4% ash and 41.1% carbohydrates. Potassium and iron were the most
abundant minerals while the least were sodium and copper. Germination caused a reduction in the levels of all minerals while heat treatment also caused a reduction in the levels of the minerals but with the exception of
Ca, Mg and Zn. Processing caused a reduction in all the levels of anti- nutritional factors assayed. The in-vitro protein digestibility of the raw seeds was 89.4%; 91.7% for the heat treated seeds and 76.0% for the
germinated seeds.

Keywords: Mucuna utilis seeds, chemical composition


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eISSN: 0331-2062