Linear Measurements in west African dwarf (wad) wad x red sokoto goats

  • MO Ozoje
  • U Herbert
Keywords: Linear measurements, genotypes, preweaning growth, maternal effects, goats.


Performance record or 76 West African Dwarf (WAD) and WAD X Red Sokoto (RS) kids were compared for efficiency of growth in skeletal dimensions. Genotype (P < 0.01) affected all the . measurements studied. Halfbred kids were superior in all body parts from birth till 150 days of age. Maternal effect did not significantly contribute to better performance among the halfbred kids, although, its influence Yaried from 5 - 33% at different stages of growth in favour of the halfbreds. Season of birth (P < 0.05) affected all measurements studied at birth except shoulder width. However, at 90 days and 150 days of age, seasonal influence became significant (P < 0.05) on shoulder width and non significant for all other body measurements. At birth, kids born in the dry season (October-April) had superior body length, shoulder width and leg length, but those born in the rainy season had superior heart girth. Genotype X season interaction affected shoulder width significantly (P < 0.01) at birth, while sex and type of birth did not significantly influence body measurement at any age.

Keywords: Linear measurements, genotypes, preweaning growth, maternal effects, goats.


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eISSN: 0331-2062