Morphometric Studies Of The Reproductive Organs And Sperm Reserves Of M'Bororo (Bos indicus) Bulls

  • HD Kwari
  • SO Ogwuegbu
Keywords: Morphometric Studies, sperm reserves, M'bororo bull


Morphometric data of the reproductive organs and the gonadal and extra-gonadal sperm reserves were determined in sexually mature M'bororo bulls. The mean body weight was 560±15.8kg and measured 175.8± 4.3cm at the withers. The mean paired testes weight and scrotal circumference were 266.5± 28.9g and 28.2±0.8cm, respectively. The body weight was significantly and positively correlated with the testicular sperm reserves (P < 0.05). The paired testicular sperm reserves was 27.3±3.1 x 109. The mean weights of the accessory glands were: Seminal Vesicles, 42.2±4g; ampullae, 12.4±2.0g; Prostate gland, 2.2±0.29g and 1.3±0.3g for the bulbourethral gland. The mean penile length was 80.9±2.9cm while the glans penis and the urethral process measured 3.1 ±0.1 cm and 1.9±0.1cm, respectively.

Keywords: Morphometric Studies, sperm reserves, M'bororo bull


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eISSN: 0331-2062