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Performance of rabbits fed <i>Leucaena leucocephala</i> and concentrate between 9th and 25th weeks of age.

SM Odeyinka
OC Ijiyemi


Fourteen fryer male Rabbits (New Zealand white and Chinchilla breeds) were used for the experiment. Equal numbers of rabbits from the two breeds were used for each treatment. The rabbits were randomly assigned to 100g and 200g of Leucaena leucocephala respectively. The rabbits in the two groups were given the same amount of pelleted concentrates from a commercial feed miller and were fed to determine the effect of level of leucaena offered/intake on the growth rate of rabbits. Four fryers which were fed the same % of concentrates and Aspilia africana served as the control. Growth rate decreased at the beginning of the study followed by satisfactory growth thereafter. The control animals had a higher growth rate compared to the other two groups (P< 0.05). Alopecia and decreased appetite were the initial symptoms of mimosine toxicity observed, but they were soon overcome with time. Rabbits can tolerate up to 100g leucaena in their diet in addition to pelleted concentrate.

Keywords : Leucaena leucocephala, Rabbit, Growth rate.