Short communication: Comparison between body weigth and prices of ewes in Zaria area.

  • SB Oladele
  • A Fayomi
  • JO Ayo
  • EA Haruna
  • GO Ogenyi
Keywords: Ewes, body weight, price


A total of 83 non-pregnant Yankasa ewes were weighed in five markets located in and around Zaria, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) with the aim of determining the mean body weight, price per head and price per kg of liveweight. Ewes sold in ABU farm had the highest liveweight of 44.56±2.58kg, while those sold in Kano road market were the lighest with liveweight of 37.72±1.07kg. Ewe sold in Zaria City market at the price of N4716.56±272.Z2 per head were most expensive. The cheapest ewes were sold for N4,121.82±160.25 in Kano road market. The most expensive price of ewes per kg was N109.04±1.97, in Sbika market; while the cheapest price per kg was, N104.40±2.27, in ABU farm. Prices of ewes per head and kg were not different (P > 0.05) from one another, except for Kano road market where the price per head was signincantly lower than than of Shika market. It was concluded that ewes were heaviest and their price per kg live-weight was cheapest in the market of ABU farm, where the management was apparently the best of all the five locations and the cost or production the lowest.

Key words: Ewes, body weight, price


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eISSN: 0331-2062