Comparative Energy Values Of Sorghum Distillers Waste, Maize Cob And Shea Butter Waste For Pigs

  • SA Bolu
  • OO Balogun
Keywords: Energy value, sorghum distillers waste, maize cob, shea butter waste, pigs


A balance trial aimed at determining the energy values of Sorghum Distiller's Wastes (SDW), Maize cob (MC) and Shea butter Waste (SBW) for barrows was conducted using a 4 x 4 Latin square cross- over experimental design. While feed intake was influenced (P < 0.05) by the test feed ingredients, the weight gained was not significantly affected (P > 0.05). Digestibilities of dry matter and gross energy (GE) as well as metabolizability of digestible energy (DE) were not influenced (P > 0.05) by the dietary treatment. The energy values (i.e. GE, DE, uncorrected metabolizable energy (ME), and metabolizable energy corrected for nitrogen retention (MEn) determined for the ingredients were different (P < 0.05). DE values of 7.19, 6.73 and 15.54 MJ/kg DM; ME values of 5.90, 4.79 and 12.94 MJ/DM dm and MEn values of 5.72, 4.95 and 12.90 MJ/kg DM were established for SDW, MC and SBW respectively. These ingredients have potentials as alternative low-energy feedstuffs in pig feeds.

Keywords: Energy value, sorghum distillers waste, maize cob, shea butter waste, pigs


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eISSN: 0331-2062