Animal traction technology in Ogun State, Nigeria. Potentials and Constraints

  • LF Adu
  • AM Omotayo
  • ABJ Aina
  • SO Iposu
Keywords: Animal traction, technology, Ogun state, Nigeria


This paper presents the finding of a survey on the potential of Animal traction technology in Ogun State of Nigeria. A total of fifteen settlements (Camps) and silty households were purposively selected and surveyed using a combination of structured interview schedule and participatory Rural Appraisal technique. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics.

Fulani of Kwara State of Nigeria origin settled in Ogun State with their cattle for over 25 years and are pursuing sedentary lifestyle as agro-pastoralists. They operate under a relatively secure tenurial arrangement that allow them to settle and practise arable crop farming. They prepare the land for planting using the ridge system, which favours the use of animal traction. The very cost of hired labour represents a major incentive for adoption of animal traction technology. The average cattle herd size is 30. All the respondent were aware of the use of animal traction. Although none of the respondent had used the technology in Ogun State, they nevertheless believed that the technology can be used in the State. They all indicated readiness to release their cattle for training if the technology is to be introduced. The paper discussed animal traction in rural economy, its potential and constraints.

Keywords: Animal traction, technology, Ogun state, Nigeria.


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