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Interrelationships existing between body weight and egg production traits in Olympia Black layers

CA Chineke


Forty 76 weeks old Olympia Black layers were randomly selected, individually caged and intensively reared for a period of 16 weeks to study the effect of body weight on some egg production traits. The analysis of variance revealed significant effect of body weight on production traits investigated (P<0.01) except egg index (P>0.05). The correlation analysis showed that the body weight was positively and non-significantly (P>0.05) correlated with egg length, egg breadth, shell weight, yolk weight, albumen weight, shell thickness and significantly with egg weight, (P<0.01) and negatively with egg index (r = 0.016). The second-degree (quadratic) equations for estimates of optimum 76 week body weights suggested 1.271 to 1.801 as required body weight range in kilograms for satisfactory performance. The body weight range at this age is attainable through breeding, good feeding and other management practices.

Keywords: Olympia black layer, body weight, egg traits, second-degree equation, interrelationships.

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