The prevalence and seasonality of livestock diseases in Zaria, Nigeria:A ten-year necropsy study

  • PD Halle
  • MA Raji
  • NDG Ibrahim
Keywords: Prevalence, Seasonality, Diseases, necropsy, Livestock.


A ten-year (1986-1995) record of necropsy report on diagnosed livestock diseases in Zaria, Kaduna State is evaluated to determine the prevalence and seasonal occurrence of the major livestock diseases in the Northern part of Nigetja. A total 1093 animals comprising 132 cattle, 240 goats, 318 sheep, 20 horses, 47 pigs and 336 dogs were examined at necropsy. Some diseases such as cowdriosis, Pneumonia, Ectoparasitism, and Haemonchosis showed seasonal fluctuation while others like Babesiosis, Trypanosomiasis and physical injuries were evenly distributed throughout the year. The major problem of livestock in Zaria was Pneumonia (247 cases) with a seasonal occurrence or 38.6% and 61.31% for the dry and rainy seasons respectively. During the rainy season, cowdriosis (17.42%) in cattle, Pneumonia (25.0%, 21.10% and 20.0%) in goats, sheep and horses; gastroenteritis (14.89%) and starvation/malnutrition (14.89%) in pigs and rabies (8.93%) in dogs were the major problems. Starvation/malnutrition (4.17%) in Goats and gastroenteritis (12.5%) were more prevalent during the dry season. The relevance of this report to effective control measures for the livestock resources in Nigeria is also highlighted.

Key words: Prevalence, Seasonality, Diseases, necropsy, Livestock.


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eISSN: 0331-2062