Causes of death in swine in Jos Area of Plateau State

  • TIO Osiyemi


Bacterial diseases caused deaths in 84.68 per cent of dead pigs recorded in piggeries of Jos Area of Plutenu  State. Of the hucteriul diseases the most prevalent were colihacillosis, erysipelas, oedema disease, pneumonias and salmonellosis. But deaths in 9.68 per cent were due to non-infectious causes. Ascariasis and cysticercosis were the main purnsitic diseases. Early treatment of sick swine and improved husbandry and management would have certainly reduced the losses which the pig producers had sustained in  consequence of these conditions.

Keywords: Pneumonia, Cysticercosis. Colibacillosis, Salmonellosis, Erysipelas, Ascariasis,


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eISSN: 0331-2062