Effect of replacing deitary fish meal with maggots on performance and nutrient retention of laying hens

  • JO Atteh
  • DD Adeyoyin
Keywords: .Maggots, fishmeal, layers, performance nutrient retention


Laying hens (53 weeks old) were fed a basal diet with 9% fi sh meal and diets in which housefly maggots  (Musca domestica, Linn) replaced 33.3, 66.7 and 100% of the fish meal in the basal diet during a 6-week  trial period. Average daily fee(, intake were 125.1, 115.1, 109.1 and 105.7g respectively (P<0.05). Con:esponding total weight gain per bird during the trial period were 210, 180, 20 and 37g respectively (P<0.05). There was however no significant effects of increasing dietary level of maggots on egg  production, egg weight or  feed/dozen eggs (P>0.05). There was also no significant effects of the treatments on protein or fat retention by laying hens. It is concluded that housefly magg'. 's could repluce fish meal {9%) in layer's diet without detrimental effects on their performance. Maggots is a cheap alternative to fishmeal in laying hen diets, the cost of its production being only 15% of the equivalent weight of fishmeal.

Key words: Maggots, fishmeal, layers, performance nutrient retention.


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eISSN: 0331-2062