Quality characteristics of beef sausage containing varying levels of ginger (Zingiber officinale) powder

  • K. A. Sanwo
  • O. A. Olowolafe
  • S.O. Iposu
  • A.O. Oso
  • R.A. Ekunseitan
  • D. A. Adeyemi
  • O.A. Adegoke
  • J. A. Adegbite
  • S.S. Abiola


Quality of beef sausage with varying levels of ginger powder as seasoning was investigated. Batch 1 was the Control (0% Ginger powder), Batch 2 had 25% of the seasoning as Ginger powder ,  Batch 3 had 50% of the seasoning as Ginger powder of total  seasoning), Batch 4 had 75% of the seasoning as Ginger powder and Batch 5 had 100% of the seasoning as Ginger. Parameters measured were all subjected to one-way analysis of variance.  Results obtained were significantly (P<0.05) different. For cooking and refrigeration weight losses, batch 1 (0% ginger powder)) had the lowest percentage cooking weight loss of 9.01% while batch 2 (25% ginger powder) had the lowest percentage refrigeration  weight loss of 0.73%. Sensory evaluation showed that meaty  flavour in batch 1 was highest (6.50) compared to other batches. Crude protein was highest in batch 5 (100% Ginger powder) with a value of 26.66% and lowest for batch 1 (0% Ginger powder) with 18.40%. Up to 100% ginger inclusion improved refrigeration  stability and protein content of fresh beef sausages.

Keywords: Beef Sausage, Zingiber officinale


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0331-2062