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Challenges of poultry production in Nigeria: A review

F.U. Anosike
G.Z. Rekwot
O.B. Owoshagba
S. Ahmed
J.A. Atiku


This study provides a review on the challenges facing poultry production in Nigeria and the possible solution. The study considered the socio-economic roles of poultry to include; means of livelihood and a way of achieving a certain level of economic independence, meeting human needs for dietary animal protein supply, source of foreign earnings and opportunities for saving, investment and security against risks for small-scale poultry farmers. This paper reviewed the challenges of poultry production in Nigeria and how the rate of production in the industry has slowed down. These challenges included; high rate of disease and pest attack, lack of loan and credit procurement, lack of technical knowledge, high rate of mortality, high cost of poultry feed, supply of poor quality chicks, inadequate poultry extension services, and inadequate access to and high cost of veterinary services, as reported by Possible solutions to these challenges are not farfetched, which included; intervention of veterinary in order to cub losses due to diseases, technical know-how for improving production should be made available to poultry keepers through extension service, poultry farmers should be encouraged to form cooperative societies or join existing one to be able to access loan for their business and addressing these challenges will prove vital to increase production, increase animal protein availability and consumption, and reduce the rate of food insecurity.

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eISSN: 0331-2062