Haematology of normal and trypanosome infected Muturu cattle in southeastern Nigeria

  • U.U. Mbanasor Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • B.M. Anene Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • A.B. Chime Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • T.O. Nnaji Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • J.I. Eze Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • A.G. Ezekwe Department of Animal Science, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria


Blood parameters of 23 Muturu cattle in a herd were studied between April and August 1998 by monthly examination of their blood samples. Fourteen of a total of 110 blood samples analysed (5 samples were unsuitable for analysis) were infected with Trypanosoma vivax. Data from the trypanosome-infected blood were included to evaluate the role of trypanosome infection. The blood values of infected animals were except for the erythrocyte indices of MCH and MCHC indistinguishable from those of uninfected animals. There were variations due to age and physiological status (open heifer, pregnant and lactating). Mean RBC and WBC count, MCV and monocyte count were lower in calves than older animals. Open heifers had higher mean RBC and monocyte count, and lower WBC count, MCV and MCH than pregnant and suckling cows. Keywords: Haematology, muturu, trypanosomosis, Nigeria

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eISSN: 0331-2062