Reproductive Parameters of the West African Dwarf Bucks Raised in the Guinea Savannah Zone of Nigeria

  • C.O. Ezihe
  • A.V. Namo
  • D. Sule
Keywords: Reproductive Parameters, West African Dwarf Goats.


Thirty West African Dwarf (WAD) bucks were evaluated for reproductive parameters in relation to age. The age of the WAD bucks was determined using the dentition  estimation method and varied from less than one year to two years. Reproductive samples (scrotal circumference, testicular density, scrotal weight, left and right  testicular weights, left and right tunica weights, left and right testicular length, left and right caput epididymal weights, left and right corpus epididymal weights, left and right caudal epididymal weights) from the bucks were collected twice weekly from Modern Market and Wurukum Abattoirs in Makurdi town, Benue State, Nigeria for a period of three months and evaluated at the Anatomy Laboratory, College of  Veterinary Medicine, University Agriculture, Makurdi. Scrotal circumference values recorded (18.97± 1.14, 18.57±0.21 and 23.90±1.04cm) for the bucks that were less than one year were similar with those of the one year old bucks and these  values were significantly (P<0.05) lower than values recorded for the two year old bucks. Adhering connective tissues of the testis were carefully trimmed before  dissection of the testis and separation of the epididymis. Right and left testicular  weights recorded were 48.75±3.47, 56.63±3.34, 68.84 ±3.24 and 43.61±3.57, 53.23±1.39, 64.67 ± 3.17g for the less than one year, one year and two years old bucks respectively. Values of the right and left testicular weights of the less than one year, one year and two years old bucks were significantly(P<0.05) different from one another. These values increased with age of the bucks. Testicular density  values of 1.04±0.03,1.07±0.03 and 1.09±0.03g/ cm3 were recorded for the  various age categories and these values were not significantly different (P>0.05) from one another. Right testicular length, left testicular length, right caudal  epididymal and left corpus epididymal weight values recorded for the various age brackets were 7.67±0.21, 8.17±0.18, 8.87±0.27cm; 7.60±0.20, 8.11±0.16, 8.93±0.27cm; 2.40±2.17, 2.66±0.08, 3.05±0.18 and 0.47 ±0.04, 0.53±0.22, 0.59±0.04g espectively. Generally, values recorded for the two years old bucks were higher than other values. The result of this study suggests that overall weights of reproductive organs of WAD goats increased with age.

Key Words: Reproductive Parameters, West African Dwarf  Goats.


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print ISSN: 0189-1731