Soil Resources Degradation and Conservation Techniques Adopted Among the Small Holder Farmers in Gusau, North-Western Nigeria

  • S Dalhatu
  • J Garba
Keywords: Soil erosion, small holder farmers, Gusau area, soil properties, anti-erosion measures


Soil degradation is increasingly regarded as a major constraint to food production in the tropics. This problem is primarily caused by soil erosion, which particularly damages the soil surfaces. It is therefore the objectives of this paper to study the types of erosion in Gusau area as well as its effects on selected soil properties including particles size distribution, soil organic carbon, N, pH, P, Na, Ca, Mg and K, and CEC among others. The paper also attempts to unveil some anti-erosion measures practiced by small holder farmers for conserving the soils in the study area. Results showed that sheet erosion type is the most prevalent in the study area, and that erosion has declining effects on the above soil properties especially in bare land than in cultivated soils. Different techniques including mulching, contour farming, cover cropping, terracing and strip cropping are being practiced by the farmers as soil and water conservation techniques for improved crop production.

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print ISSN: 0794-5698