Determination of Heavy Metals in Leaves of Mangifera Indica, Psidium Guajava L. and Anacardium Occidentale L. in Trikania Industrial Area, Kaduna-Nigeria.

  • MS Mshelia
  • ZN Ali
  • Y Abba


Concentrations of cadmium, chromium and zinc in leaves of Mangifera indica (Mango), Psidium guajava L. (Guava) and Anacardium occidentale L. (Cashew) grown in Trikania around the industrial area, were determined by atomic absorption spectrophotometry. The differences in the bioaccumulation of the metals varied. The leaves showed considerable accumulation of zinc with cashew leaves having 0.38mg/kg which is above the FAO/WHO recommended limit. Chromium and cadmium concentrations in all the leaves were below the FAO/WHO recommended limit. The levels of the metals in the leaves samples was in the order Zn > Cr > Cd.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1119-0221