Author Guidelines

Manuscript Requirements: The original and two other copies of the manuscript, type double-spaced, on A4 paper size should be submitted complete with tables and figures to the Editor-in- Chief. The content of the article should be organized in sections to include:
Title: should be short, specific and informative.
Author(s): Should be listed sequentially, initials followed by surname, indicating the author for correspondence by an asterisk. The full postal address of the location where the research was conducted should be given immediately following the name(s) of author(s). Current address (es) of author(s) should be given as footnote(s) after sequential numbering of the name(s).
Abstract: Should be concise and highlight the new or significant alternative contribution. Should keep within 200 words.
Text: Should address the specialist and exclude details, which are common knowledge. Should use central and side headings to organize text into Introduction, Experimental, Results and Discussion and Conclusion. Textual matter should belong strictly to one of these sections to avoid repetition. Footnote should be avoided in presenting textual matter. Passive voice should be used consistently.
Tables: Should be numbered sequentially following the order in which they occur in the text, using Arabic numerals, and given an appropriate title typed in small letters. Each table should be typed on a separate sheet and attached at the back of the manuscript. In tables vertical lines are not required and only the horizontal lines required to isolate the column headings and the final one that marks the end of each table are permitted.
Figures: Should not replicate information given in the text and should be original and of a scale that makes each to fit one column of the journal. Original drawings of graphs and diagrams must be supplied on tracing paper or plain paper. Lines, lettering and numbering should be in Indian ink and proportionate to the size of the figure overall. Glossy prints of photographs with sharp contrast are required. All figures should be numbered consecutively in order of reference in the text using Arabian numerals. Titles and legends should be typed in small letters.
References: Should be numbered sequentially in their order of appearance in the text using superscript numbers without brackets. A list of the reference is located after the conclusion: against each number the list of authors is located, surname before initials of each, separated by commas; abbreviated journal name, the volume of the journal, the year of publication enclosed in brackets and the initial page number only of the article them follow in this order before a full-stop. Where the citation is to a book, the list of author(s) is followed by the title of the book, the edition if it is not the first, the page referred to, the publisher, city and year, each after a comma. The following example show accepted format: - 1. Udoh, A. P., Thomas, S. A. and Ekanem, E. J., Talanta, 39 (1992) 1592 2. Filby, R. H. in Yen, T. F., ed., The Role of Trace Metals in Petroleum, P. 209, Ann arbor Science Publishers Inc., Ann Abor, Michigan, 1975. 3. Grohmann, K., Wyman, C. E. and Himmel, M. E., Potential for Fuels from biomass and wastes, in Rowell, R. M., Shultz, T. P. and Narayan, R., eds., Emerging Technologies for Materials and Chemicals, ACS Symposium Series 467, 1992. 4. Vogel, A. L., Textbook of Practical Organic Chemistry, 4th ed., P. 109, Longman Group Ltd., London, 1978.
Proofs: Only corrections of transcript errors are accepted at this stage. Proofs must be returned immediately on receipt. Reprints: Fifteen reprints will be supplied free. Additional reprints supplied on request to the Editor will be charged for at competitive rates, which will be included with the proofs to authors.
Submission: A processing fee of N500:00 must accompany any article submitted to the journal.
Page Charge: A page charge of =N=3000:00 is collected before any accepted article is published.

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