Particle size distribution and physico-chemical composition of clay.

  • OJ Ogbebor
  • FE Okieimen


Clay samples of different particle sizes were obtained by wet sieving and investigated for their chemical composition. They were fractions of <300μm, <106μm, <63μm, and <44μm. Aliquots obtained after acid digestion of clay samples were used in determining the elements by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) and flame photometry. Loss on Ignition (LOI) was by gravimetry. The data obtained on the alkaline metals, alkali metals, silica, sesquioxides/titanium, pH and Loss on ignition (LOI) reveal a general reduction in composition as particles sizes reduces. However, Mg (MgO) increased (16.09% - 30.86%) through <300μm to <44μm as sieved sizes reduces.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1119-0221