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Counselling-panacea for promoting social values, social reconstruction and security as perceived by counsellors in Lagos State

Lydia Akunna Agubosi
Elizabeth Obiageli Uyanne
Chioma Akudo Anyanwu


The study examined counselling as a panacea for promoting social values, social reconstruction and security as perceived by school counsellors in Lagos state. Nigeria as a nation is threatened with high rate of insecurity of lives and properties due to the negligence of the importance of
inculcating social values (norms) which guide the behaviour of people in the society. Nigeria needs social reconstruction to revitalize the falling standard of security and peaceful co-existence. The study carried out was a descriptive survey research. One hundred and Ninety counsellors
were randomly selected from secondary schools in Lagos state who responded to the researcher constructed questionnaire titled “School Counselling and Promotion of Social values, Social Reconstruction and Security Questionnaire (SCPSVSRSQ). The instrument was validated by
three experts in test and measurement and the reliability was obtained using test re-test method by giving twenty copies of the questionnaire to respondents who were not part of the study twice at three weeks interval and the two sets of scores obtained were subjected to Pearson's Product
Moment Correlation, the coefficient of 0.71 was obtained. Three hypotheses were formulated to be tested in the study. The data were analysed with chi-square at 0.05 level of significance. All the three hypotheses were not accepted. The findings revealed that the counsellors perceived that
counselling can be used to promote social values, social reconstruction and security and gender did not make them differ in their perception. Based on the findings, it was recommended that counsellors should promote social values through counselling. Also social reconstruction and
security should also be promoted and through counselling.

Keywords: Counselling, Panacea, Social Value, Social Reconstruction, Security, Counsellors.

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