The Role of the Counsellor and other School Personnel in Providing Quality Education In Nigeria Schools

  • T Onyinyeowuamanam


There has been a widespread criticism of the quality of education provided by Nigerian public schools. This has led to a consistent clamour for quality education for Nigerian citizens. Attention is being focused on how to make use of the resources available in the education system to have a functional education that will lead to the development of individuals and the nation as a whole. This paper has discussed how the school counselor and other school personnel (the principal, teachers, school health personnel, and administrative staff) could cooperate to provide quality education, reduce or solve educational, vocational and socio-personal problems such as physical health problems which could lead to emotional disturbance and stress. The paper further expressed that the cooperation of the school counsellor and the other school personnel could help to reduce poor academic performance, examination malpractice, high rate of drop out, deviant behaviour and wrong choice of courses and career among students. The paper therefore suggests that the Federal and State governments should strongly support the organization of guidance and counselling services in schools so as to provide quality education to the citizens.

The Nigerian Journal of Guidance Counselling Vol. 10 (1) 2005: pp. 12-21