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Horticultural Society of Nigeria (HORTSON) Executive Council Officers 2008-2009
President-in-Council Dr. Oyeboade, S. Adebayo NIHORT
1st Vice President Dr. E.I.Nwaguma NIHORT
2nd Vice President Dr.M.G.Bala NIHORT
Secretary General Dr. H.A.Akintoye NIHORT
1st Asst. Secretary Dr. M.S.Askira College of Hort. Gombe
2nd Asst. Secretary Dr. Lydia A. Babatola University of Ibadan
Treasurer Mrs. F.M. Tairu NIHORT
Editor-in-Chief Dr. J.A. Fagbayide University of Ibadan
Business Manager Dr. O. I. Lawal NIHORT
Publicity Secretary Dr. V.C. Umeh NIHORT
Ex-Officio Members Prof. M.D.Alegbejo IAR, Samaru
Dr. L. O. Olajide-Taiwo NIHORT
Government Representative: Dr. A.A. Idowu Director NIHORT

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