Evaluation of Different Storage Media for the Preservation of Bare Rooted Citrus Rootstock Seedlings

  • J.A Fagbayide
  • A.A Olaniyan
  • O.A Afolabi
Keywords: Broad leaf root dip powder, Clay slurry, Gtransparent polyethylene bag bare root.rass straw wrapping, Perforated


An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of different storage media namely, broad leaf root dip powder and clay slurry on the preservation of bare rooted rootstock seedlings of Cleopatra mandarin. Four concentrations of 'Broad leaf root dip powder' (BRP) (7.5, 10, 12.5 and 15g/l of water), 2.5kg/l clay slurry and a control were used as preservatives, while the grass straw and perforated transparent polyethylene bags were the storage media for preservation. The rootstocks were coated with the preservatives and arranged in a split plot experimental design under shade in the nursery house for observation. Sampled seedlings were picked from each treatment for transplanting to the field at different storage period up to six weeks after storage. Data collection on visual observation and field trials were analysed using ANOVA and descriptive statistics. Untreated seedlings were more susceptible to stress. Clay slurry treated seedlings preserved for 14 days, while seedlings dipped in 10 to 15g/l BRP were able to keep for 22 days. On the field, seedlings coated with clay slurry and the control transplanted immediately, recovered from stress faster than other preservatives 8WAP. The number of new leaves developed in seedlings treated with 7.5, 10g/L BRP and clay slurry were significantly (p<0.05) different from other treatments. One week clay slurry treatment produced significant (p<0.05) number of branches and leaves than other treatments. Higher concentrations of BRP preserved the rootstocks seedlings for more than two weeks Seedlings wrapped with perforated polythene bags were less stressed than grass materials.

Key words: Broad leaf root dip powder, Clay slurry, Grass straw wrapping, Perforated transparent polyethylene bag bare root.


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eISSN: 1118-2733