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Nutritional, sensory qualities and recommended daily allowances of novel dishes from cassava root

E.O. Akinlonu, S.A. Sanni, O.O. Onabanjo


Objective: This study investigated the nutritional quality and sensory acceptability of some novel food products (steamed cassava, cassava pottage, cassava French fries, cassava pancake) from fresh cassava roots.

Materials and Methods: Proximate, mineral and cyanide composition of the products were determined using Standard Analytical Procedures. Samples were subjected to sensory evaluation.

Results: Moisture, protein, fat, ash, crude fibre, total carbohydrate and energy contents of the products ranged from 26.72 to 55.51%, 1.37 to 6.82%, 8.23 to 45.34%, 1.12 to 2.09%, 1.00 to 2.36%, 32.26 to 59.78%, and 220.35 to 551.70%, respectively. Iron, zinc, calcium and sodium contents ranged from 0.33 to 3.83 mg/100g, 0.28 to 1.47 mg/100g, 34.05 to 60.63 mg/100g, and 5.12 mg/100 g to 6.45 mg/100g, respectively. Cyanide content ranged between 2.32 mg/100g and 4.09 mg/100g. The mean score for taste, colour, flavour and overall acceptability in all the samples were not significantly different (P>0.05), while that of texture were significantly different (P<0.05). The study revealed that 100 g of all the products contributed significantly to the %RDA of energy except for cassava pancake, significant contribution was also made by all the products to the %RDA of carbohydrate.

Conclusion: The results from this study showed that safe, nutritious and organoleptically acceptable novel food products can be produced from fresh cassava. In order for these products to meet nutritional requirement and also be used for nutrition intervention programmes, supplementation and fortification of either the base ingredients or the products during preparation is of utmost importance.

Keywords: nutrient composition, steamed cassava, cassava pottage, cassava French fries, cassava pancake

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