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Identifying Foods causing Allergies/ Intolerances among Diabetic Patients attending State Specialist Hospital, Akure

SS Olufemi, R Akinrinmade


Objective: This study was designed to identify the foods that caused allergies / intolerances and symptoms of reaction experienced by diabetic patients attending State Specialist Hospital, Akure.
Materials and Methods: Ninety-eight diabetics aged 30-80 years (30 males and 68 females) were included in the study. A well structured questionnaire was developed to obtain information on various foods eaten by the patients, reasons for the continuous consumption of allergenic foods by the subjects despite the unpleasant effects on their health and the symptoms of reaction experienced after eating the foods. Data collected were analyzed statistically using percentage and frequency.
Results: The results showed protein foods and vegetable oil as the most common cause of food intolerances in the subjects. About 53% and 20% of patients were allergic to protein foods and vegetable oil, respectively. The allergic reaction manifested mainly in the form of diarrhea. The inability to identify allergenic foods was implicated in the continuous consumption of allergy causing foods by the subjects.
Conclusion: We conclude, therefore, that if nutritional deficiencies, malnutrition and other health problems caused by food intolerances/allergies are to be overcome, dietitian/nutritionist must be ready to identify allergenic foods in the diets of diabetics and equally provide alternative foods.

KEY WORDS: Food allergy, food intolerance, diabetic patients.
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