Pattern of Eye Diseases among Commercial Intercity Vehicle Drivers in Nigeria

  • BJ Adekoya
  • JF Owoeye
  • FG Adepoju
  • AI Ajaiyeoba


Objective: To determine the pattern of eye diseases among commercial intercity vehicle drivers (CIVDs) in Ilorin, Nigeria.
Design: A cross-sectional descriptive study.
Methodology: Out of the estimated 450 drivers operating in
the five major motor parks for CIVDs in Ilorin, 399 consecutive drivers participated in the study. Structured questionnaires were administered and ocular examinations were done.
Results: The common ocular conditions seen were presbyopia
(28.3%), allergic conjunctivitis (22.6%), pingueculae (18.0%), ocular hypertension (8.8%), pterygium (8.3%), cataract (7.8%), and uncorrected refractive error (6.0%). Visual impairment, based on legally required standard for commercial drivers in Nigeria, was found in 11.5% of the
participants, while 3.3% of them had monocular blindness with a visual acuity (VA) of less than 3/60 in one eye. Cataract and glaucoma were the major causes of visual impairment.
Conclusion: Ensuring that all prospective drivers undergo basic vision tests, followed by prompt referral of those with visual impairment to ophthalmologists could serve as a good case detection outlet. Blinding ocular conditions could be detected early and treated appropriately. This will ultimately prevent unnecessary loss of lives and property.

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