Nigerian Journal of Ophthalmology

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Ciliary Body Tumour Occurring in a Nigerian - A case report

ON Okonkwo, AO Hassan, O Oderinlo, F Oluyadi, AO Ogunro, M Ulaikere, A Harriman, S Oke


Objective: To report the rare case of a 33-year-old female Nigerian who presented to our retina clinic with a chronic total retinal detachment and visual acuity of no light perception in her left eye. Re-attachment surgery in the eye
was not attempted as prognosis for return of vision was poor.
She was later noted to harbor a progressively enlarging ciliary

body mass in the inferotemporal quadrant. Method: An observational case report was performed, with
documentation of findings as patient was seen in the clinic.
Conclusion: This is the first report of a ciliary body mass lesion
in a Nigerian. The ciliary body mass could be a ciliary melanoma (ciliary body lesion being rarer than a choroidal mass) but other benign differential diagnoses must be borne in mind. Enucleation and histological assessment of the specimen will give the definitive diagnosis. Difficulties with patient
acceptance of enucleating a non seeing eye though harboring a potentially harmful disease still abound in our environment.
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