Ocularhaemodynamics parameters of asymptomatic HAART experienced HIV-infected under-five children

  • MO Ajulo
  • MK Omole
  • JO Moody
  • BA Olusanya
Keywords: Ophthalmic artery, Central retina artery, maximum velocity, Seropositive children, HAART


Objectives: Study aimed at evaluating the impacts of HAART on retinal blood flow of a symptomatic HAART - experienced HIV-infected underfive children.

Method: Ethical approval and patient consents were obtained before commencement of the study in the selected hospitals. Thirty asymptomatic HAARTexperienced HIV-infected children and three seronegative children aged 0-5 year-old fulfilled conditions for ocular ultrasonography among 60 convenience sampled under-fives. Ocular ultrasonography was done on the patients in supine position with eyes closed as instructed by the radiologist. Maximum velocity (Vmax), pulsatility index (PI), resistive index (RI), optic nerve diameter, lens thickness and axial diameter were measured. Results of HAART-experienced children were not compared with the control children because of unequal size. Data were analysed by using ANOVA and level of significance was considered at p<0.05. 

Results: Vmax of blood flow in central retinal artery (CRA) of asymptomatic HAART - experienced HIV infected children was 12.2cm/s while that of seronegative children was 13.4 cm/s. The PI and RI of blood flow in CRA of asymptomatic HAARTexperienced HIV-infected children were 0.8 and 0.5 respectively while those of the seronegative children were 0.6 and 0.4 respectively. Reduced Vmax of blood flow of CRA was significantly associated with both increased PI and RI of asymptomatic HAARTexperienced HIV-infected underfive children.

Discussion: Vmax of CRA of asymptomatic HAART-experienced HIV-infected children was reduced because of their increased PI and RI suggesting an increased resistance to blood flow in asymptomatic HAART experienced HIVinfected children.

Conclusion: Reduced Vmax of blood flow to CRA was significantly associated with increased PI and RI of asymptomatic HAARTexperienced HIV-infected children.

Keywords: Ophthalmic artery, Central retina artery, maximum velocity, Seropositive children, HAART


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